Storyspark was created for people like you: the heros, the givers, the change agents. We’re truth tellers, and we see no greater truth than love embodied in action. We love to tell a great real-world story of hope, transformation, change, struggle or sacrifice. These are the stories that move us; that shape us; they make us who we are and form our view of the world.

Founded by Trevor Meier, Storyspark is a response to the everyday needs of real non-profits, charities and social businesses. Trevor rubs shoulders with these sorts of people everyday, and what they keep asking for is a way to put story to work for their cause.

What they are asking for is much more than a brand or a particular visual product. What they want – what we all want – is a social story, the kind that gets from one person to the next and compels us to act in new ways. With extensive story training, Storyspark is able to uncover authentic social stories that open a gap in the mind of the listener and invite them to participate. By creating documentaries, videos, photography and audio for many cause-driven groups, Storyspark has helped new stories get told in new ways.

It’s our goal to elevate non-profit and social enterprise storytelling to the highest level. We want to see real-world stories of love-in-action become a rich part of everyday life for your fans, followers and future supporters.

Storyspark was founded by Trevor Meier, a filmmaker and photographer from Vancouver, B.C. Trevor’s won awards, but he’d rather just tell you that he loves a great story and that the real heros – the ones who deserve attention – are the ones who do the hard daily work of putting love into action.