Storyspark presents two primary opportunities to its clients: story_finding, and story_telling. In addition, story_mining uses our expertise in finding great stories to go deeper with your organization and tell the stories taking place within your projects.

story_finding is the process of discovering, refining and writing the next chapter of your story. It can be a useful tool in the development of organizational storytelling, program development, internal communications and brand. It can enhance your messaging and help your organization navigate fast-paced strategic changes while keeping true to your purpose. In the end, you come out with a clearer sense of direction and purpose and a story that sticks with you, your team, and your constituents. We have the patience and expertise to discover a story that’s unique to you, one that speaks to the desires of your organization and genuinely reflects the change you want to see in the world.

story_telling is the process of sharing your story with your audience in a way that connects to what they care about. Fans, followers, donors and investors, clients and constituents – each benefit from a targeted and specific message that speaks to their needs. story_telling is image centric, using the power of story and visuals to communicate your message in deep, meaningful ways. We have the diligence and expertise to craft the right image, whether in film or video, photography or on the web. We can bring our story experience to bear on making your message memorable.

story_mining takes story_telling a little deeper. Working over an extended period, we go into the places where your stories take place and document them over time. Using photography, writing, and film we record the stories on the ground that reflect who you are as an organization. As the process unfolds we deliver a selection of well-written stories and images to back them up. Organizations that lack the time to capture the great stories taking place can use us as their eyes and ears to capture these valuable moments.

An additional service is available for organizations & groups that want to take storytelling further.

story_training teaches groups the fundamentals of story and takes them to the next level of learning how to tell stories that engage and retain others. Seminars, sessions with key stakeholders and interactive story building are effective tools that will help your organization become a team of storytellers.